Before devoting your time and resources to it, make sure the mark you want to register is available


Before filing, be at ease since USPTO filing costs are non-refundable

Databases both inside and outside the country are >searched for names with similar spellings


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Trademark Intellectual FUNCTIONS

Maximize your business’ potential with our comprehensive trademark and copyright protection services.


From the very beginning, Trademark Intellectual has been dedicated to safeguarding your intellectual property on a global scale. We've assembled teams of skilled lawyers and engineers who work together online to ensure your intellectual property rights are protected...


Once we've conducted a thorough database search to confirm if the trademark has been used before, we'll compile the official registration application for you.


We will submit your fully completed trademark and copyright registration applications to the USPTO and US Copyright Office, respectively.

Why is searching for related trademarks so important?

Using our exhaustive search report, you can be certain that the mark you intend to trademark is not already in use or registered by someone else. This entire search is part of the trademark registration process since it allows you to save more than just money. We strongly suggest pre-verifying your trademark because there are no refunds for any USPTO filing costs. This extensive search is highly suggested for startups and new businesses to protect their arduously earned goodwill and reputation.

What problems might arise while registering my company's name or logo?

It doesn't matter if you have a domain name or a business incorporation if your trademark registration application's name is too close to one that has already been registered with the USPTO. If your clients are puzzled by similar names, it might cost you business. Even if a similar name doesn't cause any problems throughout the registration process.

Comprehensive Search

Federal & State Search

$149.00 $298.00

  • Trademark search To find out what other companies are using the same name or similar phrases, you may use the USPTO search.
  • State Search All 50 states are searched in the same way using the state search.
  • Detailed online report Any matches are found with all the details you need to plan your next move.

Federal,State & Common Law Search

$299.00 $598.00

  • Information from the Federal and State Searches, as well as the following additional details:
  • Corporate name search All 50 states are included in our search for company names and other business entities
  • Corporate Directories We do a check of corporate directories to see whether your name is already being used by anybody else.
  • Common law The usage of your name that may be protected by common law trademarks may be found via private internet searches.
  • Domain names Your name is searched against the most frequent top-level domain names.

Global Search

$499.00 $998.00

  • Global search In these multi-national countries, we look for pending and registered marks
  • Domain names The European community
  • Domain names World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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We create your brand identity in the shape of effective & suitable designs that ensure
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""I had a wonderful experience working with Trademark Intellectual. Their team demonstrated professionalism and expertise at every step of the trademark registration process. They were thorough in their research, meticulous with the paperwork, and kept me informed throughout the entire journey. I am grateful for their exceptional service and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking trademark registration services."

- David L.